Notepad++ Ruler

  • I’ve seen suggested before, but never a follow-up if it’s possible for a horizontal ruler across the Scintilla editing window to show column count. I’m not talking about inserting ASCII ruler (a la TextFX) into the actual editing window; rather, a column above the editing window much like MS Word / Write / Wordpad does.

    Possible? Comments?


  • I would think so although probably not in a clean and straightforward manner of implementing it. The HEX-Editor plugin takes control of the entire text area for displaying the data – no idea how it does that but I would assume it means drawing a ruler at the top of the text area is possible.

  • Great point. The Hex Editor puts a “ruler” on the top of the text area for the hex groupings. I’ll look through the source code (just got it) and see if I can deduce how.


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