After upgrade to Win1O no spellcheck

  • After upgrading to Win10, NPP has lost its spell checking - I uninstalled and reinstalled 6.8.1.

    I can’t figure out how to install/integrate this Aspell software. I don’t recall having Aspell installed before - NPP spell checking just worked.

    Darned nuisance


  • Hi Right,

    Just click, below, to see my post to Violetta Buono, which gives a solution to install the DSpellCheck plugin. May be, it’ll be useful to you, too !

    On my last ANSI version of N++ ( 5.9.8 ), I have the Spell-Checker plugin installed, instead. I’ll try to build a method to install it, if I fully remember the different steps that I followed, in the past !

    As I said, in the above post, it should be, also, possible to use the Aspell dictionaries, with the DSpellCheck plugin, looking in Settings, but I didn’t try that solution yet :-)



  • Can I assume a future version of NPP will ship with a built in dictionary of some sort

    If so then I’ll wait for it, I don’t need it that much. And I have another spell checking text editor (BowPad) I can use when really I need it

  • Scratch prior post

    I went to plugins and installed the DspellCheck plugin - hey presto working again.

    Wonder where it went when I upgraded Win 7 to Win 10 - another unsolved mystery

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