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    I just downloaded the application and I do not see any kind of user manual. I see there is a Notepad++ WIKI but I do not find it very useful for task oriented questions.

    Example: I would like to change the font color scheme when I open an XML file. But in the WIKI I have no idea where this information would be found or even if it is possible to make such a change. That is just one of several examples. I realize that the application is free. But even a free application is not very useful if you do not have information on how to use it. Thanks…

  • Hello Anthony,

    1) To get general documentation on N++, just click on the link below, where I proposed 3 valuable methods, to DirektX and Rob :

    • On the NPWiki++

    • With a .CHM file ( although quite old, by now ! )

    • With an archive to extract inside your N++ installation folder

    2) As for the font color scheme of an XML file, you could, first, try the different proposed themes, in Settings - Style Configurator... - Select theme. May be, you’ll find your loved theme !

    Best regards,


  • Hey Anthony, I had the same question about “How do I change the font?” After some trial and error I figured out that it’s in the Settings, Style Configurator area. There, you can set the font style for individual document types or the global default style (which will be useful for general .txt documents). In that case you must also check the “Enable global font” checkbox, too. Hope this helps, it did the trick for me.

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