UDL 2 whitespace problem

  • I’m looking into making my own UDL but i ran into a little problem… is there a way to set the delimiter close to a whitespace (so a normal spacebar entry). i want to use it to highlight city.tradesArray.length using city. as the dilimiter open command and make the highlight stop after length…

    There are to many variables availible to put them all into a keyword list :(

  • I need exactly the same feature. Everything else in our proprietary language can be accomplished with UDL 2.0.

    Delimiter’s can be closed with ((EOL)) for end of line, but not with a space. Is there any way to (eventually) add a ((SPACE)) keyword to UDL to match any white space?



  • Hi Mark,

    this would be good feature to add. I also had need to be able to define some kind of escaped keywords, due to problem with Operators. To be able to define keyword that include Operator 1.

    But what you asked can be achieved, but only if you have NOT .(dot) defined as Operator 1. Then you can define Keywords List group with Prefix mode like:

    city. country. whatever. 

    Sure it’s not perfect solution. I also defined UDL languege, and made some decisions what is more important using current features. For example disabled some Operators to be able to highlight keywords.

    If you have .(dot) as operator (as far as I can see in your language, it should be), then there’s need enhancement to current features of UDL.

    Best regards,

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