Adding My Own Connection Lines

  • How do I add connection lines to my UDL? In HPPL (HP Prime Programming Language) code blocks include BEGIN…END, FOR…END, REPEAT…UNTIL, and WHILE…END

    FOR…END already has a connecting line between FOR and END but the other blocks don’t. I’d like all code blocks to have lines connecting the opening of the block with the closing END. This makes it easier to spot errors in coding and nesting of blocks.

    Thanks again for your time!

  • You need to add BEGIN/END REPEAT/UNTIL and WHILE/END to the open and close boxes of the “Folding in code 1 style:” box on the “Folder & Default” page. That is, add “BEGIN REPEAT WHILE” to the Open: box and “END UNTIL END” to the Close: box.

    Look at the documentation at

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