How To Mark A Range Of Text And Delete It

  • I want to mark a range of text so that I can delete it.

    I want to start by searching for a text string, mark it at the beginning, and search for the text string again. Then I want to delete all the text between those two points.

    The way I have tried to do this is to find the first instance of the text string, hold the left mouse button down and search for the next occurrence of the string by hitting “F3”.

    But “F3” does not work when the left mouse button is held down.

    If I use the shift key to mark the beginning of the text to be deleted, the “F3” key is interpreted as “Shift F3” which causes the “Find Previous” to be performed. And the text from the original mark to the previous place is not highlighted anyway, so the range cannot be deleted.

    Please tell me how I can search for some text, mark it, search for it again (forwards) and then delete all the text in between.


  • Never mind - found it: “Begin/End Select”

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