Hidden character "&"

  • Hello,
    On my Windows 7 32bit computer, in “Visual Basic file” language (and only under this language), the character “&” is masked… When I want type, for example:
    variable = (var1 & “hello” & var2), Notepad++ dislpay: variable = (var1 “hello” var2)…
    as if all the “&” arent replaced by a space.
    Have you a solution ?

  • I also have this problem, the “&” characters are in the text but are rendered as white space when using
    some of the Language settings.

    Languages which correctly display the “&” character include:-
    Batch, Diff, HTML, JSP, Makefile, Normal Text, PHP

    Languages which DO NOT correctly display the “&” character include:-
    Assembly, C, C++, Java, Javascript, Python

    This is really annoying!


    (Notepad++ version 6.8.2 on Windows 10 Pro x64)

  • I have a temporary fix which works for me.

    I went into the Style Configurator and for Java -> OPERATOR , I unticked the ‘Bold’ box and
    my “&” re-appeared

    I suspect the underlying problem is with the Source Code Pro font


  • The fault is in the “Source Code Pro” font installed on my PC, the bold font doesn’t display the “&” character
    but the normal font does.

    I fixed this by replacing the font.


  • Reference: issue #729

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