Scrollbar to the very right?

  • Hello,

    Would it be possible to remove the gap of about 2 pixels between the document scrollbar and the monitor edge?
    I have the habit to scroll pretty quickly without even looking at the scrollbar. I just move the mouse to the very right and start scrolling.
    Unfortunately, this doesn’t work well with Notepad++ because when the mouse is on the very right, the scrollbar is not usable. I have to move the mouse a few pixels to the left again to be able to “grab” the scrollbar.

    I hope you can understand this problem and that there is an easy fix for this.

    Thank you!

  • What do you have as the Border Width setting in the Preferences->Editing Page, changing this increases or decreases the border around the Scintilla editor window.

  • The border width is set to zero already.

    Here you can see how it looks for me (click for animation):

    alt text

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