Uninstalling NP++

  • Hello, I have been playing with some of the source code, and I keep getting ‘failed to load langs.cml’ followed by ‘failed to load config.xml’, etc, etc. I can try and recover a couple of the files but when Notepad++ finally starts up, the GUI is all messed up with big buttons and weird stylings. Ok, so probably something I did, but anyway I tried uninstalling it (or what I thought was uninstalling it) by deleting all the source code, the Notepad++ folder in the Program Files folder, and the Notepad++ folder in %APPDATA%. Then I got the latest source code from github, built it, copied SciLexer.dll over, but no cigar, load lang.xml and config.xml still fail and the GUI still looks different. Is there an official uninstaller, or is there documentation somewhere on how to properly uninstall it? I dont think you can attach pictures here, otherwise I would include a picture of the GUI.

  • So I figured out that the path NP++ is looking for langs.model.xml in is not correct. I think it is because I have all of the source code on my external hard drive. I noticed though when I just downloaded the installer (as opposed to building from source), there is an option to NOT use %APPDATA% if you are running NP++ from a USB drive. What do I need to do to enable this option if building from source code?

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