Issue on copying from Notepad++

  • Hi!
    On my workplace I’m opening prepared Juniper JunOS configurations in Notepad++ (these are .wri files), visually check them and paste on the appropriate router. After syntax check by JunOS, I’m receiving errors, which do not occur if I open the .wri file in any other editor (Wordpad, MS Write…) instead of Notepad++.
    Does someone has similar issues, maybe in some other situations when pasting from Notepad++?

  • Save an example output from Notepad++ and do the same with Notepad or other editor that isn’t mangling your config. diff the files and see what has been changed. I’m no notepad++ expert, but maybe an autocorrect or autoformat feature is turned on that is tweaking something that you don’t intend?

  • Hi Timothy,
    it was my first idea too, I tried to check the copied text from e.g. Write and Notepad++ in WinMerge (, but these were without differences! :-P :-D
    I will try to ask the same question on some Juniper community and see if someone else had the same issue…

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