Multi selection and multi edit

  • sorry if my english is bad
    I speak Spanish

  • @bitagoras
    i got the plugin and could multi select finally, thanks
    but i tried to replace 6 words by another corresponding 6 words
    it worked in vscode that the first selected word replaced by the first word in clipboard and the second word replaced by second word and so on
    but her in notepad++ every word replaced by the 6 words that in clipboard that makes me crazy
    please, any one can help? any idea ?any script ?

  • @Don-Bhai

    I’d help with a PythonScript, but maybe you want an NppExec script?
    Can’t tell from the above…

  • Hello, @don-bhai, @alan-kilborn and All,

    I may misunderstand what you want but are you looking for this kind of manipulations, below, which seems to work nicely ?

    I assume that the BetterMultiSelection plugin is installed, with its last 1.4 version ( IMPORTANT )

    I personally tested with N++ portable v7.9.2 (32 bits )

    So :

    • Paste the text, below, beginning with a blank line, in a new tab
    Little 123 test
    Little 456 test
    Little 789 test
    Little 012 test
    Little 345 test
    Little 678 test
    • Move the caret at beginning of line 9

    • Hold down the Alt and Shift keys and hit 5 times on the Down arrow key

    • Hit the Shift + End shortcut, once

    • Hit the Ctrl + C shortcut

    • Hit, 7 times, on the Up arrow key

    • Hit, 4 times, on the Right arrow key

    • Hold down the Shift key and hit 3 times on the Right arrow key

    • Hit the Ctrl + V shortcut

    • Hit the Esc key to cancel the multi-selection !

    As you can see, in the picture, below, each number, from line 27 to 32, have been pasted, accordingly, in lines 20 to 25 ;-))


    Best Regards


  • @guy038

    I presume OP has this, where the inverted text is the product of “multi-select”:


    and then has this in the clipboard:


    And wants to end up with this text after replacement:


    Note that I styled the text in the cyan color myself, just so the replacements could be easier to see.

    Of course I could be totally wrong about what the OP has and wants. :-)

  • Oops, it appears I’ve turned Guy into a philandering filmmaker, Scott into an infidel, and Michael into an encourager of adultery. Sorry, all! :-)

  • @Alan-Kilborn
    i can install paython plugin if this is not available in NPPEXec script

  • @Don-Bhai said in Multi selection and multi edit:

    but her in notepad++ every word replaced by the 6 words that in clipboard that makes me crazy

    As I understand you comment, I think you missed an important condition to get what you want - in order to distribute replacements over a multiselection, you must copy the replacement strings as a rectangular selection, not a normal one.

    Hope this helps.

  • @guy038 you are amazing, thank you very much
    i was selecting the 6 word by ctrl+A
    thats why it replace every word by the 6 words i have selected and copied in clipboard
    thanks @Alan-Kilborn , @guy038 , @astrosofista , and to every one tried to help

  • @astrosofista you are right, i selected them as normal one that’s my fault

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