Spanish translation little bug

  • I am new and I am only came here to contribute a bit with this great software, so I don’t know if here is the place to comunicate a mistake in translation… if not, sorry XD

    I am from Argentina and I speak Spanish, and for some reason I will not repeat (I just prefer my soft in English because I am used to English words in Computers) I had notepad++ in Spanish. Today I was trying to change tab options (change Tab for Spaces for Python programming) and I couldn’t find the option… Then I read in a help forum that what I was looking for was in Tab Settings, but I couldn’t find this menu in Spanish…

    Then, I discover the mistake… In Spanish TAB means two things (or more XD) in computers… One is “Tabulador” as in the Tab button, the other is “Pestaña”, as the different tabs or “sub-windows” in a program… (for example in an Internet Browser…). The person who made the translation just mistake the first with the second… I think thinking they were “windows/tabs” options and not “Tab button and ‘tabbing’ in text” options… and that makes finding these preferences very hard…

    All this to say, you should change “Configuración de Pestaños” menu in preferences, to “Configuración de Tabulador” (or something like this… I don’t know the exact word in Spanish for “Tabbing”)

  • Hi!

    You are on right place with translation improvements. :)
    Many thanks for noticing the mistake in Spanish, corrections in translations are welcome.

    I’m only the Hungarian translator, but I think the way forward in such case this:

    1. First it’s suggested that you should contact with the Spanish translator of Notepad++, and notice your observations for him/her.
      This is due to respect the work of the translator.

    I guess the problem here that we don’t know who is maintaning the Spanish translation. The files are here , Spanish was updated 8 months ago, which is not very old, and it’s for version 6.8.2, so it seems somebody maintaned it. But there is no comment in the spanish XML, so contact is not show. Also, I don’t see a Spanish translation topic here.

    1. Second. If you are not able to contact with the translator , or you don’t get answer in some given timeframe, you might correct the translation yourself in GIT sourcecode. Don’t worry it’s easy.
      The method is described the sticky topic in the translation section , named “Update translation on Github repository”.


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