Nptepad++ New Line Issue

  • I prefer using Notepad++ over the standard Notepad due to its better features, however I have one issue with Note++ which I have found no solutions for no matter where I look. Every time I’m typing something and the sentence reaches the edge of the screen, Notepad++ moves it down to a new line, but at the same time creates a large gap between the left side of the page and where the line starts.

    For example, I’m typing something and the sentence gets to the edge of the screen and
    _____then Notepad++ moves onto a new line but creates a gap as seen on the left of this sentence. (The gap is blank in Notepad++, I used underscores to make it more visible)

    I can still hit the Enter/Return Key to create a new line and start on the far left of the screen like it’s supposed to work, but it’s very tedious when I have to carefully examine each and every word I’m typing to make sure it doesn’t create a new line and a large gap. Is there a way to disable whatever is causing this? Because it’s extremely annoying.

  • 2 relevant settings:

    to enable/disable (effectively allow horizontal scrolling or not)
    View -> Word wrap

    to select mode, with indent or without:
    Settings -> Preferences -> Editing -> Line Wrap

  • The Line Warp option fixed the problem for me, thanks for the help!

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