Mouse pointer disappears/goes invisible

  • Using Win10Pro (x64) and latest version of Notepad++

    When I hover the mouse over the the line numbers, bookmarks, or folding lines, the mouse completely disappears. In order to select a line to bookmark or to collapse/expand a formula, I have to guess where the mouse is.

    This is a minor issue, as I can use the keyboard shortcuts to assign them, or just not use them, but it is a frustration.

  • @Manuel-de-Melo

    and this happens only with npp not with any other software?
    I remember this was one of the issues MS had when introducing windows 10.


  • I’ve only noticed it with N++, but of course, that’s not to say it isn’t an MS issue. I am still looking up other occurrences and trying to replicate the issue elsewhere. So far though, only that one area of N++ does it.

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