after latest win10 update, after resize NP++ active in task manager but no window displayed

  • After the last windows 10 update (171121), clicking the the window resize button (double box) causes the window to vanish. NP++ is active in the task manager but does not display. Clicking the icon in taskbar does not bring the window back. killing the process and restarting NP++ does not bring the window back. uninstall/install does not bring the window back.

    What should I try next?

  • @Brent-Beach

    welcome to the np++ community

    what is your current native screen resolution and your scaling factor ?
    (you can try to change it temporarily to max 1920x1080 with 100% scaling not more, to see if it fixes this)

    you could also try to open at least 2 applications including the non visible np++
    right click on the task bar
    select “cascade windows”
    this would fix it if windows 10 places the np++ window at x/y coordinates outside your viewable area
    (this would explain why np++ is still not viewable after a uninstall/reinstall as windows keeps track of the last position within it’s own registry entries)

  • Hi

    The resolution is 1366x768, 100% scaling.
    With cascaded windows, NP++ does not show although the task shows up in task manager.

  • do you see the notepad++ bar on the task bar ?

    if yes maybe you get the window back if you click on it and press
    [windows key] + [cursor left]
    [windows key] + [cursor up]

    but if you don’t see the np++ bar on the task bar either, i’m out of ideas

  • Yes! Windows key and cursor left popped up the notepad window! Now why didn’t I think of that?

    Thank you, NP community.

    I have been using NP exclusively for years. Love it.

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