Search/Replace Windows out of screen.

  • Hello,

    I’m not sure this is the place to report a bug. I’m sorry if it’s not.
    I use notepad++ (v6.5.3) on a win10 laptop. I’m not administrator and I can’t upgrade it.
    I know it can’t be solved on my PC but I think it should be report for others users.

    Sometimes I add a second or a thrird screen (whithout log off my Windows session).
    The screen resolution capabilities are not identicals.
    It happen that the popup “search/replace” appears above the top of the screen.
    In theses cases, it seems moving it is impossible:
    I tried changing screen position and résolution or moving the notepad++ main windows.

    I think this bug could be easyly solved by comparinging the popup window position to the monitor one while catching WM_SIZE or WM_MOVE signals from the window.

    Damien Forthomme.

  • @Damien-Forthomme ,

    This is not the right place for a bug report if you want the bug fixed. Instead, see this FAQ for where to submit those.

    However, since you are talking about an ancient version (ask your admin/IT to upgrade: 6.5.3 was almost 5 years ago, which is an eternity for software like this): if you submit a bug report for a version that old, it’s going to be ignored, because development has moved on. And even if it did get fixed, because you cannot upgrade, you wouldn’t be able to see if the fix worked.

    Coming to the community forum, you’re likely to get a workaround. Like this one:

    • Open Find window or bring it into focus (Ctrl+F from the main NPP window will do either)
    • Hit Alt+SPACEBAR to bring down the windows move/size/close menu for the dialog box
    • Type M to select “move”
    • Type a right or left arrow key to activate the move
    • You should be able to move the mouse at this point to re-locate the dialog.

    (BTW: Your proposed solution of always forcing the Find dialog to be in the same window as NPP would annoy people who intentionally move their dialog to a separate monitor from their editor: it’s possible to edit with the Find open, and maybe I have a good reason for moving the Find dialog to another screen)

  • Thanks a lot for your response.
    Especially since I didn’t use the right place and an old notepad++ version.

    You are also right about the other usages of the Find dialog window position.

    Best Regards,
    Damien Forthomme.

  • Update for future users: instead of the Alt+SPACEBAR trick, you can also try to hit Ctrl+F multiple times. I learned that trick for changing monitors in another thread, and it also seems to work for moving it from mostly off-screen to being well-centered.