Making Notetab++ the default app in Windows 10

  • These are the steps that I just went through to make Notetab++ my default app for .txt files. I had to reconstruct most of it from memory since I had already accomplished the task:
    Go to Settings
    Select Apps
    Select Default Apps
    Scroll to Chose default apps by file type
    Scroll down to .txt
    Click on the icon by .txt
    Scroll down to “Look for app in the Store”
    Click on Search in top right
    Search for Notepad++
    Click on the "(Unofficial) Notepad++
    Here’s where I have to go by memory (that I used to have)
    Either the next step or the one after will ask if you want to download Notepad++
    Answer YES or click Download (I’m not sure of which)
    It will download Notepad++ even if you already have it installed.
    when it’s through I believe it ask if you want it added to the start, task bar, or . . .
    I had it added to the task bar.
    When I clicked on it, it opened Notepad++ as I had set it up before all my sittings remained the same.
    Good luck, it was a real pain in the kister.

  • @John-McIntyre said:

    Click on the "(Unofficial) Notepad++


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