Error message closing find results window

  • No recent software updates. Antivirus is updated regularly by our IT department. Several others use notepad ++ and they haven’t been having this problem. And they would have the same updates I would have.

  • @Zach-Mayfield

    running out of ideas and it is already 01:00 here.
    If no one else finds the culprit, I try thinking about it after a good sleep :-)
    One last question for now, all the tests were done with the portable version, right?

  • Correct :) I stopped touching my install once I was given the portable version to make sure it was a clean install as suggested.

    I appreciate your ideas! I guess I will put my laptop away for now. Hopefully someone else has some ideas.

  • Worked with our IT team. discovered it was our Antivirus software blocking the current version of Notepad ++. They stated that the vendor isn’t listed on the EXE and wasn’t digitally signed for it to verify it’s authenticity.

  • @Zach-Mayfield

    good to hear that.
    the next release (7.7) will be code signed again.

    a little warning: 7.7 is a major upgrade jump of the integrated scintilla editor engine, as well as the boost regex engine, so we expect some unknown issues yet to arise, while some others, depending on old engine’s issues, will be fixed.

    many thanks and best regards.

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