Make Notepad++ dark (not editor theme, but editor itself)

  • Do we have a schedule on making the UI dark?
    Chrome already has it, even Windows native explorer has it too (which is surprising). Not a priority but it would be nice to know that if it is in the plan of future implementation.

  • Every other text editor has dark mode for the whole program. I don’t think this is too hard to implement, but again I don’t have experience in C++

  • This chameleon only lacks a dark theme disguise

  • It’s funny, I was sure this was working, but now it’s not anymore, as you can see in the screen shot. Both Windows Explorer and Firefox with nice dark windows… it’s possible that it was never working, and I only just misremember, because Notepad++ forgot my theme and went back to full white (after Windows crashed)… is it working for anyone else? (and not with high contrast mode on; I tried that and while Notepad++ is dark in that mode, everything looks pretty aweful :P)

    Screenshot 2020-08-04 07.12.39.png

  • @Svend-Hansen

    No, afaik it didn’t work with dark mode - you could simulate it by
    changing the contrast mode for desktop applications like described in the link I gave.

  • I found a solution on SuperUser, I personally haven’t tried it. But considering that it’s the answer (the check mark) and it’s the most up voted…it worked. I will attach a link here. It looks a little lengthy. But I think you can do this with any program that isn’t following the rules of dark mode.

  • @Collin-Walsh said in Make Notepad++ dark (not editor theme, but editor itself):

    I personally haven’t tried it.

    it worked

    But I think…

    Why don’t you try it, see if it works, then you don’t have to think … you’ll know. And then you can post something meaningful here when you report back on how things went.

  • @andrecool-68 said in Make Notepad++ dark (not editor theme, but editor itself):

    @Kevin-Mc Notepad ++ does not owe anything to anyone!

    This is the reason why we can’t have nice things around this world.

    OT: Searching for the values 250, 250, 250 (UI- and Element-Bar) and 240, 240, 240 (Tab-Bar) resulted somehow into nothing at all. Anyone else having more luck finding the respective values inside the current source code?

  • Holy Jebuz. Windoze is not the head cheese of the computing universe. In fact code wise… it’s pretty much a giant pile of you know what coming out of the other end. Win7 needs a solution. Linux needs a solution.

    Oh yeah, you guys don’t publish for Linux… WELL I’M USING IT ON LINUX, SO :P

    My Windoze video driver bit the green weenie, so I’m in Linux now. I’ve got N++ running off of PortableApps in a Wine bottle. I’ve got pretty much everything back to working the way I need it… except dark mode.

    Seriously, if it’s THAT freaking hard, then just publish a Dark Mode (only) version.

    P.S. Would be nice if you put out a Linux Package. :)

  • You know what? The more I think about this, I think the easiest solution would be to move the colors out in to some sort of CSS sheet for the GUI, Then anybody could change it at will.

    Particularly… since people like me are depending on a portable version built for an unsupported suite, bolted in to an entire unsupported OS… The only way on God’s green earth I’m going to get a theme change option is if it gets pushed through the standard channels.

  • @Collin-Walsh That magnifier solution works pretty slick, without doing the stupid high contrast theme.

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