Notepad++ 7.7.1 won't default to .txt when saving

  • It is all in the title line: the version I have keeps saving my text files to “all extensions”, which give me no extension at all. When I create a file, or open a .txt file, and choose “Save as” or “save”, I would like it to use .txt. A file with no extension is pretty useless.

    I went to Settings->Preferences->File Associations and made .txt a registered extension, but when I close Notepad++ and open it again, the registered extension .txt is no longer there.

  • @Anna-Naden said:

    It is all in the title line

    No, it isn’t. One can only make some guesses from experience on what exactly your meaning is.

    Pay attention now, if you want a file called test.txt, when you are prompted to give it a filename, type t e s t . t x t and then press the Save button. There is no other way.

  • @Anna-Naden

    as @Alan-Kilborn said, if you provided it with the extension you should get a file saved with that extension.
    But what I ASSUME you want to have is a different view in the file save dialog, correct? If so, the setting is Settings->Preferences->Default Directory->use new style …

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