how to show line in hex

  • how do I show a ansi line in hex?

  • There isn’t a builtin way to do that. There may be a plugin, though I don’t know which one off the top of my head. EDIT: wait, if you have 32-bit Notepad++, you can use TextFX, which had that feature builtin.

    However, my Jun 12 post in another thread shows a script that you can run with the PythonScript plugin in order to show the hex value of the active character.

    Or there are plenty of command-line utilities you can download from the internet, which you could run on the current file by doing Run > Run… cmd /c c:\path\to\util.exe "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)" & pause, or from inside one of the automation plugins like NppExec, you could actually capture the output of the script and paste it overtop of the active document contents. It would have a similar logic to the following NppExec script, but calling a different executable:

    cmd.exe /c exit %RANDOM%							// cannot access $(SYS.RANDOM) directly through NppExec, but can tell cmd.exe to return it as a value
    set tempfile = $(SYS.TEMP)\NppGpgFile_$(EXITCODE).tmp				// create random tempfile name
    set ascfile = $(SYS.TEMP)\NppGpgFile_$(EXITCODE).asc				// create associated ascfile name
    sci_sendmsg SCI_SELECTALL							// select all
    sel_saveto $(ascfile) :a							// save selection to the ascfile	(use :a to save as ansi, to prevent unicode prefix ÿþ getting embedded)
    gpg.exe --output "$(tempfile)" --decrypt "$(ascfile)"				// decrypt
    sel_loadfrom $(tempfile)							// replace selection with results
    sci_sendmsg SCI_DOCUMENTSTART						// deselect
    rm -rf "$(tempfile)" "$(ascfile)"						// cleanup temp files

  • @Tim-Roach Maybe I didn’t understand everything … maybe like this:


  • @andrecool-68 ,

    Oh, right, I forgot that the Converter plugin came with the ASCII->HEX command. Since Plugins > Converter comes by default with Notepad++, that’s definitely the best solution.

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