Find in Files missing results since 7.7

  • Not sure if this is related to:

    I have just today noticed that when searching ANSI-encoded files for a non-ASCII character, e.g. this ellipsis character ‘’, Find in Files ONLY seems to operate on the “currently open” files and NOT on the follow-current-doc + subfolders files.

    If I regress to 7.6.6, this behaviour works as desired/expected.

    As a test, I put two files into a directory and opened one of them. F-I-F will always find the ellipsis in the open file (regardless of whether IT is UTF-8 OR ANSI), but if the OTHER file is ANSI-encoded rather than UTF-8, it will NOT be found. If I deliberately encode the other file to be UTF-8, F-I-F will return both results as desired/expected.

    If I open BOTH files in N++, F-I-F finds the character in BOTH, again regardless of encoding of either.

    Hope this is enough info and can be reproduced/fixed!

  • Hello, @magic144, @ekopalypse, @Alan-kilborn, @peterjones and All,

    I’ve just tested with 3 new UTF-8 files and 3 new ANSI files, placed in a new folder and I can confirm what you said, and what @ekopalypse said, in the post you’re refer to :

    When searching for an EXP expression, containing, at least, one Non-ASCII character ( so, with code-point > \x{007f} ), a Find in Files operation, run on a specific folder and, possibly, on all its sub-folders, displays, on the Find Result panel :

    • All UTF-8 encoded file(s), containing the EXP expression, regardless if these files are opened or not, in current Notepad++ session

    • Only ANSI encoded file(s), containing the EXP expression, which are opened in current Notepad++ session

    On the other hand, as you said, @magic144, this issue starts with N++ release v7.7 and does occur with the last v7.8.2 release :-( So, the last release, not producing that issue, is the 7.6.6 N++ version !

    Best Regards,


  • @guy038 Thank you so much for the detail and the confirmation :)

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