Using EOL Windows Mode, pressing enter at end of line only puts a CR with no LF

  • Like the title says. I go to the end of line and press return. NP++ is set to use Windows EOL, CRLF. Only a CR is put there without the LF. I found this problem because my compiler does not handle this case and must always have the CRLF to parse the file properly. Has anyone seen this?
    Thank you!

  • @Chris-Zimmer

    I would start by checking the Shortcut mapper (see Settings menu) for the SCI_NEWLINE command. Normally it is set to Enter and Shift+Enter but with some experimentation I found that if the Enter (without Shift) is removed, that when you press Enter when editing a Windows file you will indeed only get a CR and no LF inserted in your doc.

  • This is where you would look to check your setup for this:


    Note that after I deleted Enter (without Shift) to test what would happen, I found that there was no easy way to put it back in! I was doing this in a “throwaway” version of Notepad++, so no harm no foul for me. I do recall the inability to add Enter in such a way coming up before a long time ago, so maybe some crafty searching of old postings will turn up how to achieve this (probably a manual editing of shortcuts.xml is required).

    But…@Chris-Zimmer , we need to verify if this is your problem as well before going too far down the road.

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