Make Doc Switcher to display .ext

  • Doc Switcher (=Document List Panel in Settings) does not keep column setting to show extensions.
    Am I missing something or could that be fixed?

    Img1 (notepad-adjust1-doc-switcher.png): adjust .ext column during session


    Img2: (notepad-restart-default-doc-switcher.png): After a restart, Notepad++ “forgets” adjustment and reverts to default

    Ideas, Fix?

  • @Hans-Loepfe said in Make Doc Switcher to display .ext:

    Doc Switcher (=Document List Panel in Settings) does not keep column setting to show extensions.

    Hmm. Mine keeps it (version 7.8.x). What version are you using?

    Presume you have the Preference for Document List Panel 's Disable extension column unticked, correct?

  • Comment 1: your requirement can be generalized to demand that Notepad++ (or any GUI application) will keep a saved state of EVERY parameter of every GUI element and restore it on relaunch. It is a legitimate requirement but others may claim that they actually prefer that relaunching an app will be a simple way to restore everything to its defaults.

    Comment 2: part of it may be the issue of scaling with windows 8-10 and high DPI monitors. I spent lately lots of time trying to figure out this issue and it is a nightmare. Legacy desktop apps will scale differently on different monitors. Default layouts of legacy apps that were OK for years are now BAD for some but still OK for others.

    And comments 1 and 2 are conflicting. If Notepad++ saved every GUI aspect on my work monitor it could be awful for my home monitor.

  • @gstavi

    I’m unclear really on what the OP’s complaint is. If I turn on extension showing in the Preferences for Doc Switcher, it stays on and showing in the Doc List Panel window, even after restarting Notepad++. Maybe it is only me (in our small group) that this behaves correctly for?

    high DPI monitors

    Ugh, yea. Depending upon where I am when I have to re-login to my laptop, the Notepad++ window text will be crisp and clear…or blurry and muddy. :(

  • I can reproduce it.
    Drag the extension column far into the left. Restart Notepad++, and it back at its default location. My guess is that this default may be broken for - some high DPI monitors - at some scaling - depending of the exact DPI override that was selected for Notepad++.

    But same goes to the multi pane divider. Divide panes into 1/3 and 2/3, after restart it will be in the middle.
    Personally I prefer for Notepad++ to start at its defaults.

  • @gstavi

    Hmm, well, I guess I’d say that the OP should have done a better job at explaining what the problem was. I wouldn’t expect Notepad++ to retain all the little tweaks that a user can do to stuff like column widths. Some bigger items…maybe…like the mentioned view splitter bar. But to ask the developers to write code to save and restore all the minutiae…nah, too much work…better that they work on enhancing core functionality.

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