convert .txt file to pdf - missing last char

  • i try to convert .txt file (after saved from npp) into: .pdf file with site like: sodapdf, but the last letter in the line that is over 80 chars is trimmed.
    it hapends every time i try to cut+paste text from .html file into npp, the text is o.k. but when moving long lines to .pdf with help from .sodapdf. --> last letter is missing.

    and as a result i cannot print the text of .html page (with 2 tabs to the right, in order to sea it organized).

  • I am confused about your issue.
    Can you provide a simple step by step description
    that one can follow and replicate?

  • i’ll explain what i did.

    for ex this url:

    i paint it and move the text to npp++/64bit/win10 ctrl-a ctrl-c ctrl-v in npp++.
    only the text is in npp++, now ctrl-a ALL the text and press TAB twice - in order to move the text to the right.

    now i need to print the text file (.txt), so i convert the file, with help from to pdf file.

    after the convert, the .pdf file lost 1 character at end of line and the beginning of next line.

  • If is doing the conversion from .txt to .pdf, why do you think it’s a Notepad++ problem?

    If you can show that works with a .txt file with more than 80 characters on a line that was created in some other application, but does not work with a .txt file with more than 80 characters on a line that was created in Notepad++, then we might be able to give some ideas. But if the same thing happens no matter what creates the >80-character text line, then you might want to ask the folks at sodapdf.

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