Cant load my code in Chrome

  • I can only load my website code using edge when i try to load it using chrome it just loads the raw code not the actual website i have tried following online solutions by changing stuff in the shortcuts.xml file but to no avail…

  • @Aadil-Sohail

    Please see the information here: CLICK HERE

  • @Aadil-Sohail ,

    I am going to take a wild guess (though you weren’t very clear in your original post), since you included the Notepad++ specific shortcuts.xml reference, that you are editing your website code (assumed HTML) in Notepad++, and used Run > Launch In Chrome to view your website in a browser.

    I am further going to assume that you named your file blah rather than blah.html, because then Chrome would have no reason in the world to assume that the underlying bytes were meant to be html, and would thus show you the raw source code, rather than rendering the HTML. I am going to assume that Microsoft, in their Edge browser, like in many other Microsoft products, assumes it knows better than the user what should really happen, and ignores the filetype, and instead guesses at the “real” filetype, even when you pass it a file with no extension

    Fortunately, if I am right, Notepad++ will be very useful, because it will show the full file path, including directory, name, and extension, in the title bar (unless you have set Settings > Preferences > MISC to enable Show only filename in title bar as described in the official preferences documentation – if so, disable that). Or you can hover over the tab name, and the full path, name, and extension will be shown. If I am right, use File > Rename to fix the name to actually include .html in the name.

    I could be wrong, however, because you gave us next to nothing to go on. Or Alan could be right, and you were actually asking an HTML/webcoding question rather than asking a question specific to Notepad++.

    But I’m hoping that my wild guess is right, and I’ve been able to help you, despite your lack of information. Or that, at the very least, it will encourage you to provide more information so that we can help you. (Though if it’s an HTML question, Alan is right, and this isn’t the right place)

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