How to copy/paste selection from multiple lines

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    I would like to know if its possible to copy and paste a selection from multiple lines. In the picture provided for example if i could copy just the text within the quotations all at once it would speed up some editing majorly.

    Thanks in advance

  • @shawn-evans, and All,

    I strongly advice you to install the @dail’s plugin BetterMultiSelection, first. It’s really a must ;-))

    Then, once installed and enabled, given your text, below :

    "random text"
    "random text 1"
    "random text 2"
    "random text 3"
    "random text 4"
    "random text 5"
    "random text 6"
    "random text 7"

    Simply, execute the following actions :

    Ctrl + HOME                           #  Move at the VERY BEGINNING of document
    ALt + Shift + DOWN arrow ( 7 times )  #  ZERO-length RECTANGULAR selection at BEGINNING of ALL lines
    END                                   #  Go to END of lines
    LEFT arrow,                           #  Move caret before the SECOND " symbol
    Shift + HOME                          #  Select till BEGINNING of lines
    Shift + RIGHT arrow                   #  Move END of selections, AFTER the FIRST " symbol
    CTRL + C                              #  Copy the selections
    CTRL + N                              #  Open a NEW tab
    CTRL + V                              #  Paste the clipboard's contents

    You might be interested in these 2 other plugins SurrondSelection and ElasticTabstops . Refer to :

    Best Regards,


  • Hi @guy038, @Shawn-Evans, All

    For illustrative purposes , here is an animated version of the instructions posted above by @guy038|:


    Hope you don’t mind I changed the ending :)

    Have fun!

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