Character II

  • using PHP it has The character II. how can I found it?

  • In the character map!?
    Seriously how should one answer this question?

  • @Americo-Uhima said in Character II:

    using PHP it has The character II. how can I found it?

    What does this have to do with Notepad++?

    That said, the best place to look up characters that you don’t know is the official website, or some other Unicode reference site (I personally use the search engine at for easily finding Unicode characters). Wikipedia is another good site for information on characters, glyphs, etc.

    My thoughts when looking for a double-character: it could be a digraph or ligature or a roman numeral

    I originally misread your question – since the font in the forum is rather ambiguous between l (l) and I (I) – as the ll (lowercase of LL), which surprised me that the Unicode ll was named as Welsh but not Spanish, though this shed some light as to why it’s not always considered a separate character. (I’m not a language or character or encoding expert; it just often surprises me when I look into things like this.)

    Anyway, back to your actual II request: since there doesn’t seem to be a double-i in any of those but roman numerals, I am guessing you were looking for U+2161 = Ⅱ = .

    Though I have no idea why , or any II, would show up in PHP, or why you might think it was Notepad++ related. (I only did the research because, like I said, unicode searches often surprise me).

    As to how to enter that roman numeral U+2161 character in Notepad++: the easiest way I know of is either to copy from another page (like, or, if you know that the UTF-8 encoding of U+2161 is 0xE2 0x85 0xA1 (e285a1) (again, from that same page), you could type in the hex into Notepad++ : E285A1, then select those 6 characters and Plugins > Converter > Hex -> ASCII will convert it into the unicode character U+2161… though if your chosen font doesn’t have that glyph, it might show up as a box (like it did in mine). Or you can run windows builtin charmap.exe and find it there: I have charmap in my UserDefinedCommands in %AppData%\noteppad++\shortcuts.xml defined as <Command name="charmap" Ctrl="yes" Alt="no" Shift="yes" Key="67">charmap</Command>, so I can easily run the character map from within Notepad++ as Ctrl+Shift+C.

  • @Americo-Uhima ,

    Thinking about it, I bet what you saw in PHP was not II nor ll nor a Roman numeral, but the logical or operator ||, which is just typing the vertical bar character | twice in succession, no space between. To type that in Notepad++, just use the right key on your keyboard (on mine, it’s shift-\) twice. And it would be in Notepad++'s character panel, as previously suggested.

  • @PeterJones said in Character II:

    but the logical or operator ||

    that could be it, yes.

  • It never ceases to amaze me how much time and effort people here on the forum will put in…even in the most vague of situations.

    My personal rule any more is I’ll usually put in as much effort as the person I’m replying to. :)

  • @dail said in Character II:

    My personal rule any more is I’ll usually put in as much effort as the person I’m replying to. :)

    That’s an extremely reasonable criterion.
    A lot of postings would go unanswered, though. :-)

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