IDE for start with the publingtempleate

  • Hi every one

    I decide start with new plungin for notepad++ but my IDE (Visual Studio) can’t open, upload but tell me

    In english
    Visual Studio tell me that I can’t admit thie project becouse don’t are compatible version of Visual Studio.

    What IDE and version you use and in with languaje(I try with C++)?

    Thanks for read

  • @Miguel-Menéndez

    if you open the vcxproj file with an editor, like npp :-) you can search for
    platformtoolset and you will see that this is currently set to 141 which
    means Visual Studio 2017.

  • thanks @Ekopalypse

    At final use my laptop with Visual Studio 2015, show me other problem.

    error TRK0005: no se encontró: “CL.exe”.
    (don’t find: “CL.exe”)

    Repair the VS 2015 select C++ and work.

    Install VS2015 in my computer and all ok.

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