is Notepad++ compliant with GDPR

  • Hi,

    when registering, I was forced to consent to 2 conditions (data processing, receive emails)

    This is very annoying, I had to create a fake google account just to be able to register here.

    I’m not OK about these consents, and being in Europe, GDPR should protect me and this site should not force me to these consents.
    2 years when we implement GDPR requirements for our websites, our lawyer cleary said we cannot force people registering on our website to accept emails or to force people to register with a social media account, due to privacy concerns.

    I wonder if Notepad++ even care about GDPR

  • @Matthieu-gabrielli ,

    You registered for the forum, not for Notepad++. Notepad++ does not require registration. There is no requirement that you register a forum account to use Notepad++.

    If you would like to make use of the forum, then you have to use an OAuth provider for your security. If you don’t like their terms, don’t sign up for one, and don’t use the forum. In my 4+ years on the forum, I have received 0 email messages from the forum. The only “personal information” that it gathered from whatever you put in your OAuth-provider account was your user name and enough to fill out your profile; you can then edit any piece of information in that profile that you want.

    If you don’t like those restrictions, then don’t use the forum.

  • This post is a little old, but I have to complain about the same thing;

    If you don’t like those restrictions, then don’t use the forum.

    Requiring a user to sign up to a mailing list in order to access a support forum is not GDPR compliant; it’s one thing to ask a user to create an account to authorise them, but making it mandatory to sign up for a mailing list is a clear-cut violation of the GDPR, even if that mailing list isn’t particularly active.

  • @Luke-Parkes-Haskell

    To one point: I don’t think you’ll ever be sent an email from this.

  • @Luke-Parkes-Haskell said in is Notepad++ compliant with GDPR:

    Requiring a user to sign up to a mailing list in order to access a support forum

    There are two factual errors in that statement alone.

    1. You are not signing up for a mailing list; you are signing up for a forum. The forum software does not currently email anyone (much to some users’ chagrin – see this summary post linking to multiple such complaints). If this feature of the forum is ever enabled (it is not, currently), there are user settings (click on your icon, select settings, and go to the notifications and sounds settings) which can turn off all email notifications. Emailing the user is currently disabled, and is 100% user-configurable if it is ever enabled, so you can opt out of receiving the emails (that currently are never sent).

    2. This is not a support forum. This is, as it’s specifically named, the Notepad++ Community Forum. It is a forum for the community (any Notepad++ users who choose to read and answer this forum) to use to discuss the product; in the midst of that discussion, we do help each other with questions and problems and problem solving, but this is not “ask official support and we guarantee you a response from some official support person”: there are no official support people employed by Don or some mythical Notepad++ Company; Notepad++ is a completely volunteer product, including participation in this forum.

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