Commenting out some lines is not working

  • Hello,

    Because of a new computer I had to Re-install notepadd ++

    I installed the latest version 64 bit.

    Normally it was possible to comment out some lines by adding /** in front of it or //.
    Or pressing ctrl Q or ctrl K.

    Then the text turned green and was not used on the website when the file was updated via ftp.

    Now, when i try to comment out some lines the /** or the // is shown as bold. Like ** /** and // ** and the text is not turning green. The website still sees the lines so this is not working good. I have to delete lines and thats not nice working since i sometimes want to revert back to an older situation.

    Can somebody explain to me how to change this or repair this.

    Thanks in advantage!


  • @Jap-Leuk ,

    The menu entries Edit > Comment / Uncomment > … do work – including toggle (Ctrl+Q) and single-line comment (Ctrl+K), even in the most recent Notepad++ (v7.8.9)

    You hint that you are authoring some sort of webpage (“the text … was not used on the website”), but you are mentioning c/c+±style comments /* ... */ and // ... . Javascript does use c+±style comments, but you were not very helpful in the description of the problem; I cannot tell what’s really going on for you.

    If the same exact code, manually typed in some other application (like Microsoft’s notepad.exe) produces the same results that you get when you type the code in Notepad++, then the question is really about the coding, not about Notepad++, so you’ve asked the question in the wrong place (cookies!), and you need to find a more appropriate forum for your question.

    However, if you are truly convinced that Notepad++ itself is doing something wrong, you will get better help if you can explain the problem by using actual text (use the </> button on the forum toolbar to format your text so it doesn’t get mangled by the forum) and/or screenshots of what’s happening. (If you find that all your screenshots are from your web browser, once again I maintain that you’re probably asking the question in the wrong forum.) You need to explain to us what you think Notepad++ is doing wrong, what Notepad++ is actually doing, and how you think Notepad++ should do it differently.