Lost text after crash

  • Occasionally when Notepad++ or Windows crashes, after I restart, the document that I was working on is shown as all NUL characters. On one occasion in the past when this happened, I managed to get the text back (possibly from a backup), but this time I can’t remember how I did it, and I can’t find it now. It is of course fantastic that Notepad++ normally restores all the files which were open, including ones that have never been saved, but when this fails to work it’s quite annoying. In this case I lost several hours work. Where and how does N++ store the data about changes that have been made since the last save? Is there somewhere that I can look that might still have the contents of this file that I was working on? Why might this not have worked and the current version of the file be shown as all NULs? Please can fixing this be put on the to-do list?

    Thanks - Rowan

  • @Rowan-Sylvester-Bradley

    It sounds like you are a victim of a long-standing Notepad++ problem.
    It is likely that you will not be able to recover your data.
    You might want to read all/some of THIS discussion thread.

    All is not doom-and-gloom however.
    There is supposedly a fix for the problem; however it isn’t in released code as of this writing; it will likely be in whatever is the next release after 7.9; probably 7.9.1.

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