plz help, need a code that can edit file names

  • hi :) in new to coding and i was wondering how to code a program that can edit a file name, and also if i can make a program that can edit images, mostly just want the first one but cant figure it out :( plz help

  • @Gamer-Moments ,

    This is a Notepad++ forum, so the best Notepad++ answer for “how to code a program” is,

    1. Open Notepad++
    2. Create a new file
    3. Edit the code according to the syntax of the language
      • Notepad++'s syntax highlighting will help you (especially compared to a plain editor like MS Windows Notepad)
      • There may be one or more Notepad++ plugins that will help you automate the coding
    4. Save the file
    5. Run the source code through the appropriate compiler, interpreter, browser, or whatever else is required
    6. Iterate steps 3-5 as you debug, include more instances of step 2 for multi-file programs, and more instances of step 1 if you have to close Notepad++ for some reason in the interim.

    If you want details on the syntax and coding style for your programming language of choice, this isn’t the right place to ask the question

    (And, as an aside, if you asked that same question in stackoverflow or similar programming forum, you’d be laughed out or worse. I’d suggest learning how to ask a reasonable request for help before approaching a more appropriate forum. Good luck.)

  • @PeterJones i understood abit of what you said but i am beggining to code and never coded before, do you know where i can get help for what im looking for,

  • @Gamer-Moments said in plz help, need a code that can edit file names:

    do you know where i can get help for what im looking for,

    What ARE you looking for? To say help with coding isn’t sufficient. What language do you want to code in, Visual Basic, COBOL, FORTRAN, Quick Basic, the list is almost endless? Are you familiar with any of the programming languages, if so then that’s a good starting point. Look for support in those areas (on other websites), but it isn’t here.

    As @PeterJones stated, this is a forum for help with Notepad++, a text editor. It does help with creating code in different languages as it’s able to highlight the key words those languages use, and also to help in pairing brackets which are commonly used in most languages. However it won’t teach you that language. And the forum members here will help with Notepad++ problems and issues, not those programming languages, PythonScript aside, which IS a commonly used programming language within Notepad++.


  • @Terry-R i never coded before and the launguage probably doesnt mean english, sooo i dont know coding launguage im only trying to code a program so when it is run the program will go inside the computer find certain files and change there name

  • @Gamer-Moments said in plz help, need a code that can edit file names:

    i never coded before and the launguage probably doesnt mean english,

    That’s not very helpful. I will give you a bit more direction, whether you take that road or find another is up to you.

    As I stated PythonScript is commonly used within Notepad++ as it has a plugin that works within Notepad++ and enjoys a good level of support as some forum members also use it.

    So if that’s the road you want to take then might I suggest starting at a beginners guide to Python at

    As always when learning a language to code in, start with the simplest of steps. It’s all like building a house, starting with a good foundation.

    What you should NOT expect is a forum member to just create a program for you without you having done some of the work yourself. And when finding an issue you cannot overcome, present it to the forum the programming language belongs to so members can possibly help/guide you further along that road.


  • @Terry-R wow thanks alot terry ima hop on that later and see if i can start to code you helped me alot thanks and enjoy youre day sincirley -Andre.

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