Bug with Language ?

  • Hi. I setup Russian notepad for terminal server( Windows Server 2019 ru )

    I have russian language( Administrator who setup notepad ), but all new users has English language. Why? I have only russian.xml in C:\Program Files\Notepad++\localization

  • @Andrei

    Have you actually selected your flavor in the place you specify Localization ??


  • I want default RU for all new users.

    I make setup with only Russian language.

    Not English. And i have Russian language by default, but i don’t understand why new users has English.

    Folder with Localization doesn’t has English. But new users see English, like your photo.

  • @Andrei

    No localization is chosen after a fresh install until one is selected in the box I red-circled.
    It doesn’t matter if there is only one file in the localization folder area.

    Side note:

    • Until a localization is chosen, Notepad++ isn’t even using English.xml, it is using the English that the user interface is designed in (in the resource files of the project), which happens to be English.

    • So if you have a fresh install, and you go to the Localization preference setting above (which will already say “English”) and you drop down the box and re-select “English”, you will see slight changes occur in the user interface!

    (end Side note)

    You may be able to “hack” something together to get your goal achieved, but I don’t think it can be “automatic” like you seem to want.

    But maybe some others have some ideas for you?

  • I understand you, thanks.

    I would like to find a solution …

  • @Andrei ,

    When you manually select a Localization in a normal installation of Notepad++, it copies that localization XML file from the Notepad++ executable directory’s localization\ subfolder, and puts it in %AppData%\Notepad++ as nativeLang.xml.

    So if you are installing Notepad++ on many user’s computers, after you follow the normal installation process, you can copy c:\program files\notepad++\localization\russian.xml into %AppData%\Notepad++\nativeLang.xml before they run Notepad++, and the Russian localization should be selected for them already.

    edit: for more on config file locations, see the official docs: https://npp-user-manual.org/docs/config-files/

  • @PeterJones thank you. I put nativeLang.xml file to %AppData%\Notepad++\ with GPO. My problem solved.

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