problem of copy from line contains arabic and english words

  • When I select some words and copy it from line contains arabic and english words, in text direction left to right, I don’t get what I want . else if I change the text direction from right to left.
    But this problem is not in notepad of windows.
    thank you.

  • @walid-the-first ,

    Sorry, I see that no one has replied to you yet. I have a feeling that many people from this forum have been busy with the festive season, and then lost track that this question hadn’t been answered yet. Part of the reason for my reply is just to “bump” this topic, to see if it can get more attention.

    Unfortunately, I have no experience with Arabic text, and am not qualified to comment on how the mix of Arabic and English text is handled.

    It might be useful if you typed or pasted in an example of the text, selecting the text, and using the forum’s </> button to mark that as plain text. Then paste a screenshot from an application (like Windows’ notepad.exe or something else) that does it “right”, compared to a screenshot from Notepad++ where it is “wrong”.

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