How to create multiple files from a single text file ?

  • hi. Maybe you could help me. I want create multiple files from a single text file, with the same content. For example, I have a file called laptop.txt I want to multiply this file, in another 120 files with other name, but with the same content.


    must become:


  • @Robin-Cruise

    So I won’t go too deep into it but your best bet is to use Notepad++ to create a batch file, and then run that batch file outside of N++.

    Start with your “must become” list in a fresh N++ tab:


    Create a “column caret” in column 1 by using Shift+Alt+arrows (shown in following as thick black/red vertical line – note: yours will look a bit different):


    Use the Column Editor (Alt+C) to insert text into every column 1 location, note the trailing space:


    To end up with this in your tab:

    copy laptop.txt inform.txt
    copy laptop.txt cd-translate.txt
    copy laptop.txt keyboard.txt
    copy laptop.txt books.txt

    Save your tab with extension .bat or .cmd in the same folder as laptop.txt. Example name for it would be runme.bat

    Get a command-prompt in that folder (by right-clicking your N++ tab and choosing Open Containing Folder in cmd).

    Type runme in the cmd window and press Enter.

    (It appears I went deep into it)

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Robin-Cruise said in How to create multiple files from a single text file ?:

    I believe it’s not working

    Hmm. What do you think the problem might be?

  • WORKS PERFECTLY, thanks !!

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