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  • hi,
    basically i created a page with html code and the css includes are not working nor the php ones
    can sombody help me pls

  • @Ana-Mendes ,

    Yum, cookies!

    You can use Notepad++ to type the valid HTML or PHP code that calls the appropriate CSS or included-PHP. The syntax for what those calls look like would be found on help sites for HTML, PHP, and/or CSS.

    This forum is about how to use the Notepad++ text editor – using its builtin and plugin features, finding the correct menu entry, etc. Specifics on coding (whether it’s HTML/PHP/CSS or C++ coding) aren’t on-topic for this forum, because we cannot be expected to be experts on every type of file that you might want to type.

    For example (and to explain my first statement), just because you’re typing your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe using Notepad++ doesn’t mean that the members of this forum can tell you why they taste bitter. There might be someone here who knows, but it’s not the topic of the forum.

    If your question really is, "when I type code (insert example here) in Notepad++ and save the file as filename, my browser cannot read the file; but when I type the same code with microsoft windows’ builtin notepad app and save filename2", then it’s on topic, because the difference is in how you are using Notepad++, not in what you are typing – if so, explain why you think it is on topic. But if you can type the same things in Notepad++ and in any other text editor, and you get the same end results, then the problem is obviously with what you typed, not with how you are using Notepad++ itself. Since this is a Notepad++ forum, then the answer to your question isn’t best found here.

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