How to show/highlight duplicate lines?

  • I have a file with tens of thousands of lines, many of which are duplicated.
    I wish I could highlight them and then remove them.
    I cannot sort the lines because they contain information that cannot be moved.
    The Remove Duplicate Lines plugin seems to work fine, but before removing them I would like to highlight them for a prior check.
    How can I do?
    Thanks in advance.

  • @Dark-Corner said in How to show/highlight duplicate lines?:

    The Remove Duplicate Lines plugin seems to work fine,

    First, I don’t know that this plugin is necessary with current Notepad++.
    Since recently, Notepad++ supports this function natively:


    Second, what I would do if I needed what you need, would be to make a copy of the original file, and remove the duplicates from the second file. Then I’d use a file compare utility to generate a difference view between the files.

    Notepad++ has a Compare plugin, but, because I have an external compare utility, I’ve never really tried the plugin, so I don’t know if it could do what I’m talking about – presume so…perhaps I will now go find out…

    (goes away…)

    (…comes back)

    Yes, the Compare plugin works nicely for such purpose; demo:


  • @Alan-Kilborn How to find and then how to add this plug-in to Notepad++?

  • @Ramanand-Jhingade ,

    Plugins > Plugins Admin
    Click the box for Compare Plugin
    Click Install

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