Style Tokens wont highlight partial words

  • In one of the latest updates NPP stopped being able to highlight partial words using style tokens. For example, if I highlight part in the word “partial”, NPP used to highlight any place in the doc that the string “part” was used. It didn’t matter if it was a whole word or used in the middle of a word. Now it wont highlight anything unless I just the style token on the whole word.

    My current version is 8.1.1

    I moved back to 7.9.5 and the issue is not there.

  • @jay-vivas ,

    Have you verified your Settings > Preferences > Highlighting settings? To be able to use the Search > Mark All (or Mark One) > Using Nth Style on a partial word, you have to uncheck the Mark All > ☐ Match whole word only checkbox

    See my reply to a similar question a week ago

  • @jay-vivas said in Style Tokens wont highlight partial words:


    It is really unfortunate that the term “style” is used, when the feature is really called Mark All (or Mark One). This causes general confusion, plus if users think to look for settings for the feature, maybe (just a guess) they see the word “style” in Style Configurator and go looking there! Gasp!

    But, maybe let’s not get started down this road too far, because even using “Mark” as part of Mark All (or One) is dicey, as it is a totally different “marking” than the Mark tab on the Find dialog.

  • @Alan-Kilborn ,

    It is really unfortunate that the term “style” is used,

    Yes, the naming of that feature was confusing, and is now even more so. Aside from “Mark” vs “Mark”, as you’ve already pointed out: In the Search menu, it’s called Mark All (and now also the new Mark One). In the context menu, it used to be Style token / Remove Style and now Style all occurrences of token / Style one token / Remove style. So the Search menu and Context menu use different names. (But it was confirming this that finally explained to me why so many thought of it as “Style Token” – because that’s what the context menu called it.)

    I have started the process of adding “Style Token” to the description of the Mark All settings in the online user manual – hopefully, it will be included in the next release

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