How to make comments in code stand out

  • Hi -

    I am new to Notepad++ and am using it to edit scripts in Python, which I am also new to.

    I know I can place comments pretty much anywhere bracketed by ##'s

    Is there a way to make them a different color so that they stand out from the code?

    Thank You,

  • @Cyndi-Roether

    The key is to make your file a Python file and then things (comments included) will “stand out”, example:


    See where it says “Python file” on the status bar?

    You can make this appear by saving your file with a name that ends in .py, or by choosing “Python” on the Language menu.

    Also, a Python comment involves no “bracketing”. A # appearing on a line will cause anything following that character (and still on that same line) to be a comment.