File text replaced with "NuL", how do i see/recover it?

  • I have a very important file with notepad.

    The backup at roaming shows the last backup is on the 09th.

    alt text

    I don’t care about this, i REALLY need the data up to the 22nd, the data is saved up to the 22nd and i want to open it with that information.

    alt text

    Notepad++ is bothering me with this message and doesn’t load the relevant data:

    alt text

    It shows “Nul” repeated over and over.

    alt text

    I REALLY REALLY need that data back, and it’s completely illogical that i cannot open a simple text file and that for some reason Notepad++ gives top priority to backups over the actual file that exists there.

    How can i make notepad++ recover my data/read the file it stubbornly refuses to?

    Or is there any alternative program i can use to read the full, updated text file?

    I REALLY need this data back.

    I don’t think i will keep using notepad++, a text editor that is this unreasonable and blocks your data in this day and age is unacceptable.

  • I’m so sorry but it won’t be recovered. Delete this ridiculous program from your computer and don’t use it again.

    The program maker has not fixed this problem for years. They give nonsense ideas, there is no solution.

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    I had the same problem.

  • @Atoli

    Close npp. Open explorer and go to your backup directory.
    Rename the file to something else. Start Npp and open the file.

  • @Ekopalypse Doesn’t work. After edit the backup, if i open the original file i only get “NUL” over and over.

  • @Atoli

    then I’m afraid that the file itself has been corrupted.
    To be 100% sure you might consider opening the file using,
    for example, HxD to see if this is really the case.
    Other options might be using tools like recuva to see
    if a recent version can be restored.

  • I just created a list of files using defraggler and npp showed the same behavior. When I tried to open it in microsoft notepad although it took a lot longer the data was intact. I know its a bit late but if have u tried notepad to read your “important” codes?

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