Windows 11

  • Notepad++ 8.1.1 doesn’t work with Windows 11, it gives you a window telling you this can’t run in this Windows version.

  • @Enrique-Lopez ,

    Can you give more details? Which copy of Notepad++ did you download, exactly (the name of the zipfile or installer-executable, and even better the exact URL you downloaded it from)? Can you Alt+PrintScreen the error message and paste it in your reply?

    You and @MilkManEX (in the post here – that user got it to run, but the dark mode didn’t work the same as in Windows 10) are the only two that I’ve seen in the Community Forum with access to Windows 11. I haven’t heard that the developers even have a test machine yet that can handle Windows 11 validation. The more data you can provide, the better, for when they do get access to Win11.

    I seem to remember reading that Windows 11 no longer supported 32bit – I don’t know if that just meant the OS only came in 64-bit, or if that means that all apps that run on it also have to be 64bit apps – so maybe it won’t work with the 32bit Notepad++ application. You might want to try going to the downloads page and grabbing the 64-bit installer.

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