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  • Read Before Posting

    Hello, and welcome to the Notepad++ Community, where users of Notepad++ can come to help each other use Notepad++. We look forward to discussing Notepad++ with you, or helping you with your questions.

    This Help wanted… section is the right place to ask questions about Notepad++, and how to use it.

    We have a FAQ Desk, with answers to common topics on the Forum. That’s a great place to start.

    If you need help with formatting your post, there is a FAQ entry on Formatting Forum Posts

    When asking for help, it’s usually useful to go to Notepad++'s ?-menu and select the Debug Info entry, and Copy debug info into clipboard and paste it into your post; that way, we know what version of Notepad++, what version of Windows, what plugins are installed, and a couple other configuration options that will help us understand what you’re asking about.

    Please understand that this is not official paid support: regulars in the Forum spend their time here voluntarily, and are here to discuss Notepad++ and help others use Notepad++ to the fullest. But that means that at times, your question will not be answered in a matter of minutes, hours, or sometimes even days. That might be because the expert on your topic isn’t around, or because we don’t know the answer, or because your question got buried and no one has noticed you don’t yet have an answer – sorry, it can easily happen.

    Please note that while we will try to help you, and even can try to confirm software bugs with you, this Forum is not the official issue tracker. If there is a bug in Notepad++, posting about it in this Community Forum will not make an official request to get the bug fixed. We have a FAQ entry on Feature Requests and Bug Reports. If you ask for a new feature, or point out a bug in Notepad++, we will be quite happy to give our opinions on your ideas, or help provide workaraounds or alternatives for missing features or bugs; but in the end, only the developers can make changes to the application.

    English is the primary language of this Forum. If you choose to post in another language, it is considered polite to translate your text into English as well. There are free online translators avaialble, like and Feel free to make use of those to help you communicate in English.

    Please be polite and treat other Community Forum members with respect.

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