Pinning/Locking a Tab

  • Thank you for an amazing Editor… Can the programmers and Community possibly think of the option to lock a tab like you pin a tab in Opera/Chrome ?

    I spend 8 hours daily in Notepad++ and use it for various of tasks not just programming.

    If the option to lock a tab and make it stay fixed to the left (also becoming small like opera / chrome does) like the browsers do i can be assured it wont go away.

    I have tried various other Programs and even plug-ins in Notepad++ but they all detract from working. if simply being able to switch between tabs to edit my task list. or even snippets, which i keep in a text file, then it will be so much easier.Quicker…

    Now my snippets and task list go all over the place being just another tab open in Notepad++.

    Comments for my suggestion welcome ?

    ++Addict !
    Sam Fourie

  • Hello Sam,

    May be, I misunderstand you, but are you searching for that menu option, below ?

    Settings - Preferences - Backup - Session snapshot and periodic backup - Remember current session for next launch

    With that option, you can keep, on next start of N++, all the tabs opened, in the previous session !

    Best regards,


  • Hi guy038,
    I don’t think that is what Sam wanted. What he (and I) would like is to be able to lock tab while working in Notepad++. This way, when you right click on some other tab and select “Close All BUT This”, locked tabs will remain open. They also can’t be closed until unlocked. And they are all grouped to the left on TAB line.

    Best regards,

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