Feature request: minor change in backup procedure

  • I was working on Notepad++ the other day and I noticed my PC becoming unresponsive. As I had typed quite a bit of text I was anxious to get it saved. I just about managed to get my mouse cursor over the Save button and click it. Phew! My computer then froze completely and I had to do a hard reset (hold the power button).
    To my dismay, after rebooting, my file had been filled with NULL.
    Fortunately, I quickly discovered online that Notepad++ makes backups!
    Unfortunately, if you save a file, Notepad IMMEDIATELY removes the backup…

    So my request is very simple: please DO NOT delete the backup file even if it is saved. The amount of disk space this takes is negligible and anyway, if the user continues working, you will very quickly create a new backup file.

  • Perhaps I did not make this obvious enough in my original post, but this was extremely annoying, took me a LOT of time to fix, and should be TRIVIAL to change in the code. There is a line somewhere which removes the backup immediately after a file has been saved. Remove that line. It is pointless and dangerous.

    I would really appreciate a reply from a developer.

  • @Rob-vS

    although Don and other devs do visit(and reply to) the forum from time to time
    it might be a good idea to open an issue here.


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