How do I change the font and color of my text

  • Any help with my question would be amazing! Thank you!

  • @Morgan-Major

    depending where you want to change the color of your text, there are different approaches to do so:

    if you want to change the color of your current web project, use:
    <font color='red'>your text here</font>

    if you want to change the color of the text in notepad++ you can use the settings or temporarily buy colored sunglasses that suit your mood.

    in any case, never use paint or colored marker pens on your monitor, as they are hard to remove

  • Where in Settings is Font located?

  • If you want to change the default “plain text” color: Settings > Style Configurator > Language: Global Styles > Style: Default Style > Colour Style: Foreground Colour ☐

    For syntax highlighting, you can use the same dialog box, selecting the appropriate Language choice (ie, which programming language you want the change to apply to) and appropriate Style selection (ie, which specific item in that particular language) for the color you want to change. For example, if you wanted your HTML syntax highlighting to use light gray for <!-- comments --> rather than dark green, you would pick Language: HTML > Style: COMMENT > Colour Style: Foreground Colour ☐ , and choose a light gray.

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