Notepad++ got crashed and session.xml got lost and replaced !!

  • I have no way to restore the file, I try data recovery software and can’t get it to restore the file, I even enabled backup feature in notepad++ but I can’t find the xml file in backup even, so I am unsure what to do to restore he session.xml file !!

    please, kindly help.

  • Sheilla,

    I have no idea why NP++ crashed - but remember any program can crash if you have some bad hardware in your system - but if you are working on files that matter to you it really is vital to back them up effectively.

    I am a software developer, and I back up all my files excepting the system directories on at least a weekly basis. The backup goes on a removable hard drive, and I also share my backup with a couple of friends so that even if my house were burgled or caught fire (God forbid) I would still have access to my files. I also actually open the odd file in my backups from time to time, because I know a guy who was backing things up regularly, but didn’t check he could restore from the backup until the day his hard disk broke!

    Personally I don’t use the backup mechanism in NP++ - I’d rather use independent software to do the job - after all, if software A might have a fault, you don’t want to use it to save your backups as well! I trust NP++ very much, but no piece of software is utterly trustworthy - particularly in a world where every piece of software - including the operating system is changing all the time!

  • Hello @david-bailey and All,

    I have never read, yet, a more intelligent text, about the general problem of backups :-)) I, personally, think that this article deserves to be located in the FAQ section !



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