Demo Plugin Docking not working with MinGW build

  • I cloned the demo plugin ( and I’m using MinGW to compile it. I create a Makefile and all works OK - dll builds and Notepad++ runs it. All aspects of the plugin seem to work fine … except the “Dockable Dialog Demo”. When selecting the “Dockable Dialog Demo” from the plugin’s submenu, I get the error from DockingFeature\StaticDialog.cpp:

    CreateDialogParam() return NULL
    GetLastError() == 1814

    Looking at ( this is for ERROR_RESOURCE_NAME_NOT_FOUND. I compiled in both the NppPluginDemo.rc and DockingFeature\goLine.rc resource files before linking the DLL so not sure why this is happening.

    Some Google-ing led me to believe the CreateDialogParam() call was using the handle of the Notepad++ EXE rather than the plugin DLL, so I tried a few things:

    1. Changing the IDD_PLUGINGOLINE_DEMO value to 25000 (from 2500) and compiling works. When clicking the “Dockable Dialog Demo” now, I get the window for “Styler Dialog” working fine. This however is a resource from Notepad++, not the Plugin Demo DLL, confirming that the CreateDialogParam() call may indeed not be getting the correct handle passed as the first argument.

    2. Some research led me to change in :
      _hSelf = ::CreateDialogParam(_hInst, …
      _hSelf = ::CreateDialogParam(GetModuleHandle(TEXT(“NppPluginDemo.dll”)), …

    and that results in DockingFeature\StaticDialog.cpp:

    CreateDialogParam() return NULL
    GetLastError() == 1813


    1. I noticed in goLine.rc the resource type is DIALOGEX and we’re using CreateDialogParam and there seems to be no CreateDialogExParam, so I made necessary changes in goLine.rc to use just DIALOG (comment out the FONT line) and that also results in after compiling, installing and running:

    …GetLastError() == 1813

    I have VS Community edition, but I’m not familiar with it and I get all sorts of errors - Platform Toolset is wrong (wants to reset to v141 / v141_xp) and the SDK version is not found (wants 7.something, I have 10.something and the “Retarget” option in Build is just not in the menu as it should be according to Google searches). I’ve built 2 other plugins successfully with MinGW, neither using the docking feature however.


    Thanks in advance.

  • @vinsworldcom178

    I haven’t used MinGW for windows builds so can’t say for sure what your problem is.
    But I have described here what I have done to build npp and scintilla with VS2017 community edition.
    The steps for plugins should be quite similar.
    A more detailed version include a lot of screenshots can be downloaded or viewed from here

    If something is unclear, let us know. (together with the name of the plugin you tried to build)


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