How to weed out the different ones in the compare report?

  • I have compared the raw date of 2 reports. Difference are noticed. However, because there is too much data, it is hard to keep track of the differences. How can I weed out the different ones and hide/eliminate the similar ones?

  • I think the compare plugin v2.0 has no such feature, but you could jump directly to the next/previous difference via the buttons or the keyshortcuts (defaults: alt + page down/up). Did you use the compare plugin?

  • @41213

    if you are allready using the compare plugin @chcg has mentioned and it is not easy enough to keep track of all the differences, maybe programs like winmerge work better for you to compare 2 large reports

    (keep in mind that winmerge is an independent, stand alone program, not a plugin for notepad++, nor affiliated to it).

  • @chcg Hi! Yes! I did use the compare plugin. It compared really well, but I need the differences only. Thanks!

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