Why NotePad++ doesn't edit Dart codes?

  • I am developing mobile app on Flutter. (Flutter is a framework for mobile development, created by Google.)
    Because of that i use Dart Programming Language a lot.
    But i want to use NotePad++ sometimes.
    How do I solve this problem? Is there a plug-in?

  • @Zeki-Hoca, Welcome to the Notepad++ Community.

    i want to use NotePad++ sometimes.

    Great. Then do so.

    Notepad++ can edit any text file, whether it knows the programming language of the source code or not.

    If you want syntax highlighting, then you’ll either need to pick a language with similar syntax, and possibly add keywords… or you can create a UDL (User Defined Language) which will do the highlighting for you.

  • Select java language

  • Better choice is to select “SmallTalk”, much more highlights.

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